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About Miles.... 

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Our aim is to have clients for life.....

Our Core Values

Our vision is to be the contractor of choice in the sectors where our expertise and experience deliver the best project outcomes. We consistently exceed our clients' expectations......


Underlying this is our core beliefs where we as a team:

  • Use initiative and are resourceful

  • Do what we say we are going to do

  • Strive to add value

  • Are completely honest

  • Prudently manage our growth

  • Aim for 100% positive feedback

  • Are environmentally conscious

  • Innovate with purpose 

  • Place the health and safety and well-being of all our clients, strategic partners, and employees as the highest of priorities on a daily basis.

  • We believe firmly in helping those in our surrounding communities with financial donations, sponsorship, and donation of resources and skills to different charities around the country.

Our entire handpicked team emulates these core principles in everything we do at every level of the company. Inclusivity is very important to us and in every center, the Miles team is encouraged to place ideas for improvement, and feedback in several different processes in place.


There is a monthly Wellness Calendar for the entire team, where we have prizes, incentives, subsidies for activities to maintain health and well-being, as well as guest speakers for special events every month. Miles also subsidises many different forms of additional educational opportunities for their team. On a weekly basis, every center is delivered a huge bowl of fruit for daily consumption. We also have a Thumbs Up Award which is given as special recognition four times a year for exemplary work by an employee that epitomizes our core values.

Around the office, the team's comfort and enjoyment in their daily work is recognized with a fun lunchroom, a bright and ever-changing board of information, desks that can be raised for standing and improved ergonomics etc. With a monthly Social Club outing there is always something on the Miles "Fun" Calendar! There are invested resources for our team that demonstrate firsthand how much we value them.

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